The First Primary Schools Tai Chi Contest Hold in Seychelles

28 May 2018
Published in News


On the afternoon of 18th ,May, 2018, Confucius Institute, together with National Sports Council , hold the first Primary Schools Tai Chi Contest  in Judo Stadium at Sports Centre of National Council . Four primary school teams from Anse Royale , Au Cap , Cascade, Plaisance took part in the contest. After competition, Au Cap Primary got the First Prize.

This Tai Chi  Contest is the demonstration and performance after Taiji  sports training in Seychelles primary  schools from the end of last year. National Sports Council supported the program with Confucius Institute at the UniSey. These four schools  keep the training and the children have done nicely in  once a week  after school  training. The headteachers and the PE teachers from these schools  have given great support in the Tai Chi training. Sports Council provides coordinator and organizer, Confucius Institute send Tai  coach and fund the contest. 

All together there were 68 children participated in the contest, they tried their best to demonstrate the movements of Tai Chi. Though their movements are not skillful enough ,it is a good start to learn and understand this In tangible cultural heritage originated from China and enjoyed by all over the world.

All children go the participation certificates and contest souvenirs. The Contest was chaired by Mr. Roger David, the coordinator from Sports Council and representative Farah Aziz and judge Fahad from the Sports Council attended and presented prizes for the winners .