Quality Assurance: Assessment Workshops

29 May 2015
Published in News

From Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May, UniSey academic and Administrative staff participated in a series of 3-hour workshops on Assessment.  Assessment is a major component of any curriculum, not least university studies.   In this present day technological and fast-paced world, a university degree does not necessarily or always equate well with performance and productivity.  Therefore, assessment systems on which decisions to award qualifications are based, must be robust, fit for purpose, reflecting programmes’ graduate profiles and can stand scrutiny.

It is towards this end that UniSey’s weeklong assessment workshops were conducted, with the objectives of ensuring all of UniSey’s own courses are assessed consistently and to the highest possible standards.  Participants were taken through and subsequently empowered in

a)     learning outcomes assessment and setting exam questions ;

b)     marking moderation and assessment feedback;

c)     the role of the External Examiner ;

d)    Examination Boards and Assessment Panels and, finally ,

e)     enhancing assessment practice.

Participants thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which were facilitated by Professor Jethro Newton, a UK specialist in Higher Education and in Quality Assurance for Higher Education.  Needless to say, the spin offs to this series of workshop, is enhancement of our practices as well as solid preparation for the forthcoming accreditation exercise by SQA.

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