Kelly Hoareau

Director of the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute

Kelly is a strategic-minded leader who values the importance of stakeholder engagement in sustainable decision-making. She has a particular interest in navigating and negotiating the interface between sustainability and development. She is passionate about inspiring effective teams to fulfil their purpose. She has the ability to create and implement effective operational tools to enable organizations and teams to be productive and meet their targets and commitments. She is enabling key resource and knowledge development to support Seychelles’ sustainable development agenda, which relates to the sustainable use of coastal and ocean resources and the services that they provide. During her six years at UniSey she has further developed her passion for collaboration, communication, knowledge-sharing, stakeholder engagement, capacity development, conflict resolution, problem-solving, mentoring and strategic leadership. She sits of various internal and national committees.

Prior to this, she led the development and operationalization of the Environmental Science programme at UniSey. The programme specializations relate to Small Island Developing States (SIDS), marine and fisheries science, coastal zone management, tropical biodiversity conservation and climate change resilience. She taught courses in areas relating to global change, environmental research, earth system science, tropical land management and biogeography and developed courses relating to the blue economy, global change, environmental research and earth system science.

Before joining UniSey she worked as an environmental consultant where she conducted Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, coordinated basic Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), assisted with EIAs for larger infrastructural developments and conducted compliance audits in the following sectors: oil and gas, mining, industrial, urban development and government. She has a MSc in Environmental Management and a BSc Honours in Geology, Geography and Environmental Management.