Rita Jean


Diploma in General Management

My experience as a UniSey student was an exciting and arduous journey. Exciting in the sense that you were learning and understanding new things every week. Arduous, because at times, with the weight of your own work load and trying to juggle family and meeting deadlines for assignments, it was very stressful. But on the whole it was a great experience especially as I met a group of wonderful people and have remained friends with them even after the course has now ended.  My course leader, Ms Marie-Celine Zialor was the most supportive and encouraging person ever, throughout the three years, never letting anyone think of failure. It was a three years full of roller coaster thrills.

I chose to do this course because I had done multiple short courses in management before with the Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM) and I found them interesting. Furthermore I was being groomed in my work area to be a leader and a senior; so I enrolled on this course in order to equip myself with the necessary skills and to gain a better insight into what being a manager involves.

I was in full- time employment whilst I was studying. As a nurse it is not easy as I have to do three shifts per week: morning, afternoon and night. Professionally, at times, I felt very tired and drained because I had to find time within my work schedule to fit in assignments, research and revision for exams. It was stressful and, sometimes, quitting the course seemed like a great idea. I found myself making many sacrifices like taking on extra night shifts to gain extra time off so I could complete assignments. Academically having a job did not really affect my grades, but I had trouble meeting deadlines at times, which meant that I sometimes needed to ask for an extension, or I found myself staying up all night trying to complete the assignments in a rush to hand it over the following  day. My work colleagues were understanding and even helped me by challenging me to complete my research and meet my deadlines.

Within my career the course has helped me to be more understanding of issues related to management. For instance, I have learnt how to apply theories of leadership to my work and to identify organizational and behavioral issues in the work place. Moreover it has helped me to be more alert in identifying risks and how to develop sustainable action plans and projects for my unit’s development. It has also assisted me in how to better balance work and social life. Undeniably it has boosted my confidence with all the knowledge and skills I have gained and this is reflected in my ability to portray myself as a senior practitioner in my field.

It is with extreme appreciation that I wish to acknowledge and dedicate this achievement to my partner Norbert Loizeau for his loyal support, contribution, unconditional patience, tolerance, and understanding throughout the three years that I have been studying.  My plans for the future are to complete my BSc in general nursing and then take a Masters degree in Health Management.