Julia William

Julia William

Certificate in Human Resources Management

I followed the Certificate in Human Resources Management course at The Guy Morel Institute, University of Seychelles between 2013 and 2015; the duration of the course was one and a half years.

My experience as a UniSey student was an exceptional one, in the sense that I experienced mixed and different feelings all the time.  It was fun, exciting, boring at times, and tiring, easy, difficult, stressful but in the end rewarding. The fun part was that I made new friends and shared experiences and ideas, whilst the most discouraging part was when I tried my best in an exam but the results were lower than I had anticipated, and when, no matter how hard I tried to understand what was being taught, it just wouldn’t go into my hard-shelled brain.

I am currently employed at NSC as an Assistant Human Resources & Budget Management Officer and the course I attended was a requirement for the said post. It was also important for my professional/career development. The benefit of studying locally is that you get both physical and emotional support from your family.  Moreover, you are in your comfort zone and in the environment you are used to, so it makes the learning process easier.

However, since I was studying part-time, attending classes once a week and working for four days, it was sometimes hectic and stressful.  My biggest challenge was to manage my time to fit in my assignments, especially when the workload was intense at work and at home.  At times I had to neglect my personal and social life as well as my duties at work just to be able to hand in my assignments on time or to study for my exams.

Nevertheless, the course has helped me to broaden my knowledge in several aspects of my career.  It has matured me in a way and changed my perspective of seeing and doing things. Moreover, I am now a fully qualified professional Officer in the HR field, both in terms of experience and also academically.

I dedicate my achievement to the Almighty God as nothing is possible without him. I profoundly thank my family, friends and co-workers and, of course, the lecturers for the tremendous support they provided me throughout, notwithstanding my neglecting them or having to put up with my complaints. Furthermore, I am grateful to NSC for sponsoring my course.  And credit goes to me for the efforts and determination I put into my studies hence I have been awarded the best performer in my cohort.  It is hard work paid off.

I intend to pursue a Diploma in Human Resources Management this year to enable me to achieve my objective which is a management position in 5 years time or at least a position higher than the one I currently occupy.  My career aspiration is to work in a challenging environment where my knowledge and skills can be put into practice whilst achieving job satisfaction and working towards the organisation’s goal.

I encourage everyone to study at UniSey. It is the gateway to a brighter and promising future.