Ephna Chang-Thiou

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Bachelor of Laws

My name is Ephna Peggy Chang-Thiou. I am 23 years old. Upon completing my A levels in 2011, in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at SALS, I qualified for a scholarship to further my studies at university level. As a child, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer. However, my favourite subjects were maths and the three sciences. Yet, I was never interested in pursuing any career in these fields. I initially thought I chose the wrong career since there’s no obvious link between maths, science and law. Despite this, I followed my heart and went on to undertake my law course at university level. From 2012-2015, I did my LLB Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Seychelles, conjunction with the University of London International Programmes. I followed this course because I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream. In 2015, I obtained my LLB, Bachelor of Laws with second class honours (upper division)-2:1 law degree from the University of London. Being the best performer for the law course, I won the 'Outstanding Performer Award' for the LLB, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Programme.  As the award recipient, I have now received a scholarship from ANHRD to pursue my Master’s degree in law. I have also received a cheque from H.Savy Insurance and a trip to Abu Dhabi.

As a UniSey student, I developed discipline. I was always punctual for my classes. I tried my utmost to remain focused throughout my course. Faced with an extremely tough and challenging law course, I had to make many sacrifices. The thought of not wanting to fail or take re-sits motivated me to work very hard during those three university years. I devoted ample amounts of my time to my law course and sought help from my lecturers when I was in doubt. Some nights were very long. Staying awake during those nights, rushing to complete what had to be done was never an easy task.  Those sacrifices, effort and hard work gradually paid off  and this was reflected in my results. Discipline, perseverance, motivation and determination pushed me to work even harder. At UniSey, I also made new friends.

Studying locally was beneficial to me since I remained close to my family, especially my mum.

The LLB Bachelor of Laws (Honours) has helped me in my career development since it has laid down a good foundation for my job. I am currently working as a Third Secretary/Legal Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I wish to dedicate my achievement to my mother, Mrs Monique Chang-Thiou. My mother raised me to believe that hard work is the key to success. To my mother, thank you for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love, for always supporting and believing in me. You are my everything and you mean the world to me. To my law lecturers at UniSey, Judge Anthony Fernando, Mr Bernard Georges, Dr Kris Valaydon, Dr Ganesh Chelumbrum, Mr Divino Sabino, Dr Marco Rizzi and Mr John Renaud, thank you for helping me.

Since I’ve been awarded a scholarship, I intend to go abroad for my Master’s degree. I someday wish to become a lawyer or successful professional in the legal field.