Samita Dodin

Samita Dodin

BSc Business Administration

My name is Samita Dodin and I am from the Seychelles. Last year, I completed a BSc in Business Administration, with a specialisation in International Business.  This was one of the University of London’s International Programmes, offered by the University of Seychelles.  My degree classification was First Class Honours. I also received the award from the University of London for best overall performance.  The award represents the fruits of my hard work. At the university I always did my best in everything that I did, and I am proud of what I have achieved.

The reason I chose the BBA programme was because I felt it provided a general and wholesome management education. The course covered various aspects of business operations for example: Marketing, Human Resource Management and Accounting. As a result, this offered more flexibility for me in the labour market. In addition, there will always be a demand for managers, accountants and consultants, therefore, the degree will serve me for a lifetime!

My experience at the University of Seychelles was a life-changing experience.   I had the chance to develop different skills and produce work to the best of my ability. University life forced me to develop my thoughts, my mind, my opinions and myself. I also met a number of insightful people such as my lecturers and classmates, who were really supportive throughout the duration of my course.

There are many benefits of studying locally. One of the most important is that you do not have to leave behind family in order to study abroad – studying takes place in the comfort of your own home. Secondly, by studying at UniSey, most of the lecturers and staff were Seychellois, so they were in a better position to understand and meet our needs since they are more aware of our local culture. Also, I had two-way support for my studies, from the University of Seychelles and from the University of London. It is also cheaper to study locally.

There were different challenges while completing my degree. One of the most noted challenges was managing my university life and my other life responsibilities. I was quite an active person in my community and nationally, so I really had to make a conscious effort to keep a balance in order to cater to my different commitments. I achieved that by planning well ahead and organising my time well, for example by having a study plan. Also, I had to go the extra mile so as to manage the different modules. I did that through research, participating in online seminars and staying informed about the current news.  I did not hesitate to consult my lecturers and online tutors whenever necessary.

I am currently working as a Policy Analyst at the Seychelles Financial Services Authority and I have been working at the organization for about three months now.  The BBA programme has prepared me in terms of the skills I have developed –  such as problem solving, decision making, working in a team, how to conduct research, and organisational skills. The knowledge I acquired whilst at university is helping me to really understand the different aspects of the businesses and companies at the FSA that we encounter on a daily basis, and how best to assist them.

The University of London Award for Best Overall Performance came as a surprise for me.  I did not expect it. Actually, when I first saw this information written on my transcript on my graduation day at UniSey, I could not believe it. I had to double-check first and when everything was confirmed, I was very happy and really proud.  I would foremost like to acknowledge and dedicate this award to God, who has guided my steps throughout my time at the University. I would also like to dedicate this award to my family, the University and my country, Seychelles.

I want to do an MBA, specialising in a field such as international business.  I would like to study internationally so as to acquire new experiences, since I’ve already studied locally for my degree programme.  Then I would like to come back to my country to work and make a positive contribution towards the development of Seychelles.

I would definitely advise people to who want to do a degree programme at UniSey to go for it. Despite the fact that it is quite a new university, it is also very dynamic. My achievements prove that the University has very good programmes in place. I had a very good experience studying at UniSey and I am proud of what I have achieved.