Amanda Rene


BSc Business Administration

My experience as a student of UniSey was exciting but at the same time challenging.  It was exciting because the programme was new and the modules of my degree were very interesting.  In addition, I could study for an internationally recognised qualification from the comfort of my own home. The lecturers were also very engaging and helpful.  It was also challenging because I had to adapt to new modules, the work load was quite heavy, I had to get used to different ways of learning (being totally different from A-level study), new writing techniques, avoiding plagiarism etc.  It required a lot of self-teaching and sacrifice, including missing out on social events in order to finish assignments.  I was also Vice-President and then President of the Student Union, so it was even more important for me to effectively manage my time and organise myself to ensure that I had enough time to study and also engage in union activities.

One of the benefits of studying locally is that you get a lot of support from your family and friends. It is also easier to undertake internships and hence secure a job once you have completed your studies. You therefore already become accustomed to the business environment of Seychelles and find ways to implement elements of your studies in everyday work life.  There were challenges sometimes, often due to technical problems, e.g. internet connection problems. However the staff and management of the school were very supportive. The Student Union was there as a voice for the students and the Student Support Officer was always at our disposal if we had any problems.

I am currently a Business Analyst at the Financial Services Authority. Each year at the University we had to undertake an internship and I did my 3 years of internship at the VCS Group. Each time, I was able to apply what I had learned over the semester. The VCS Group consists of about a dozen companies ranging from a marketing company, an IT company and also automobile companies. I was able to apply my knowledge of marketing, sales, finance and strategy and share it with the professionals from the different companies in the group.

The first-class honours achievement represents years of hard work and commitment. It proves that if you are determined, you can achieve anything in life.  I wish to acknowledge and dedicate this achievement to my family, particularly my parents who have always believed in me and have invested a lot in my education.