Edith Wong

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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

My time at the university was one filled with struggles, pain, laughter and happiness.  A time punctuated  by epiphanies which formed the basis of 3 years of my journey of self-discovery.  Because that is what a university education is meant to do.  It is meant to be more than just an academic learning experience to equip you for the world of work; it is meant to be that time where a person discovers the depths of their discipline, the strength of their determination and the euphoria of their joy.

For me, the discoveries started early in the first semester, when everything was still new and confusing, but made even more difficult by the lack of some resources available to a small university. They were moulded during those long hours spent reading the materials, the numerous pages of essays written and the last few days before an exam. And they were amplified with the start of every new academic  year since each new year brought in more heavy books, more enlightening discussions with fellow peers and  more reassuring tutorials with competent lecturers.  These were the experiences that characterised my time at the University of Seychelles, and I’m sure that these were the experiences felt by each and every one of the graduates.

Just like the university, we graduates are proof that you can have a dream and fulfil it, that size is irrelevant towards success and the only limits in life are those that you set yourself.  Clichés I’m aware, but the truth nonetheless.

And so from the moment we graduates left the University of Seychelles, we have become its alumni.  We are the witnesses to the ability to succeed in times of strife, we are the living proof of the power of the human spirit and we are the ambassadors of the idea that “ou lavenir I dan ou lanmen”.