Prema Micock


BSc in Business Administration

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) proudly announce that Ms Prema Micock, the UniSey’s Registration and Admission Officer has successfully completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a First Class Honours. We met with Ms Prema where she shared her experience as a full time student and employee of UniSey.

Describe your experience as a student of the University of Seychelles.

As a student at the University of Seychelles I had the opportunity to encounter and interact with different people with different backgrounds and personalities. This has helped me to acquire the ability to see things from different perspective that has provided me with a unique and rewarding experience.

What do you think are the benefits of studying locally?

My family played an important role by motivating and encouraging me every day. Having them close to me all the time is one of the greatest benefits of studying locally. To be in your own country where everyone understands you make it even easier because you can communicate easily and get the support required to complete your studies successfully.

What challenges did you face during your studies on both the academic and professional level?

As a full time employee and a full time student I had to balance my work life, student life and social life altogether. I had to get into the trend of switching from being an employee to a student or vice versa and sometimes both. The challenges I faced academically would be finding some modules quite challenging. It requires a lot of research, reading and attending lectures for better understanding and I had many difficulties to do all three at times. I would frequently procrastinate especially when I am very stressed from work and lectures. On a professional level, the challenges were not being able to be as productive as I would want. I would occasionally find myself a bit behind schedule due to lectures. Working in a very busy department requires multitasking and frequently I had to delegate some of my incomplete workloads to my colleague Monica. In addition; when I am mentally strained out I sometimes unintentionally forget about a particular task so it delays my work a lot.

How has your studies helped you in your career development in terms of skills and knowledge acquired?

Different modules served for different purposes. I was able to grasps the importance of individuals within the organisation as one of the most important assets towards the success of any company. It has helped me to be more appreciative towards each individual with their different abilities. Acknowledging the importance of teamwork as a major factor towards striving for organisational success is also a key element. On the other hand my studies provided me with a range of valuable skills I could use to facilitate my work and help me to be more productive through critical thinking.

What does the first class honour achievement represent for you?

It represents the determination, effort, hard work and sacrifices that paid off in the end.

Who do you wish to acknowledge and dedicate this achievement to?

Firstly it will be my family, my boyfriend and his family and my friends. They are the most important people in my life who were behind me since the beginning. They have supported and motivated me; giving words of encouragement for not giving up in times of discouragement. Secondly; I am very appreciative towards my colleagues and other staff of the University of Seychelles for their continuous support and understanding as well as providing me with such opportunity. Most of all my deepest gratitude goes to my colleague Monica Francoise for she has been an incredible friend and colleague all these years. In addition; I am grateful towards my classmates and lecturers who provided me with guidance and continuous support. But above all, my acknowledgement and dedication for my achievement goes out to our Father in heaven, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as all the saints. I believe prayer is the most powerful weapon in the world and this achievement is proof that my prayers have been answered.