Vision & Mission



To be a unique knowledge hub linking tourism with heritage studies and research in order to support the sustainable development of  Seychelles and to develop international cooperation.



  • Develop a pluri- and interdisciplinary approach in the context of a new globalized tourism industry of heritage and sustainable development. Understand and create awareness of the local, regional and international impacts of international conventions and statements of UNWTO and UNESCO.
  • With regards to UNESCO/UNITWIN , contribute to the formulation of strategies for cultural tourism, and for  sustainable development, by ensuring the long term conservation of sites, participation of local communities in projects and tourism benefits, and ensuring a dialogue of cultures.



The Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage has two main missions :

  • The first mission is to provide a high quality learning experience in order to train experts in the fields of tourism and/or heritage.
  • Its second mission is to support and initiate academic activities by organizing workshops and international conferences, leading research projects, publishing, welcoming visiting lecturers and international experts.


Both should be achieved by maintaining awareness of innovative ideas and approaches in the field of tourism and heritage.



  • Collaboration: Building a team and collaborating with institutional partners to achieve common goals in the interest of Seychelles’ socioeconomic and cultural development;
  • Reputation: Upholding the University’s good reputation through adherence to high standards of performance.



  • Historical Development of Sustainable Tourism in Seychelles
  • Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Policies and Strategies
  • Tourism Industries and Economic Impacts
  • Environmental Issues and Tourism
  • Agrotourism
  • Staging of Cultural Practices in a Touristic Context
  • Safeguarding of Tangible Heritage and Creole Architecture
  • Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage and UNESCO Procedures
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage
  • Promotion of Creole Culture
  • Interculturality, Multiculturalism and Tourism
  • Tourism Images and Imaginaries
  • Tourist Practices
  • Tourism, Identities and Postcolonialism
  • Spaces, Places and Territories of Tourism
  • Surveys and Research Methods in the Field
  • Multisited Ethnography and Comparative Approaches
  • Tools to Measure and Evaluate the Impact of Tourism Policies