Current Projects

  1. “Commentary on Regulation (EU) 655/2014 Establishing a European Account Preservation Order Procedure to Facilitate Cross-Border Debt Recovery in Civil and Commercial Matters” – commentary in preparation for Cambridge University Press (by Dr Sara Migliorini in co-authorship with Prof. Gilles Cuniberti, University of Luxemburg).


  2.  “Transnational Pharmaceutical Regulation in the Courts: Closed System, Hard Looks” – monograph in preparation for Cambridge University Press (by Dr Marco Rizzi).


  3. “Medical Liability in Seychelles: the Case for No-Fault Compensation” – working paper to be presented at the forthcoming workshop “Current Issues in Medical Liability”, Palais de Justice, Seychelles, 7 November 2016 (by Dr Marco Rizzi, in collaboration with the Judicial College of Seychelles).


  4. “The EU in the Face of Pandemics: Domestic Rules in a Transnational Context” – article to be presented at the forthcoming conference “Germs, Bioterrorism and Chemical Attacks: Internal and External EU Security Perspectives”, Maastricht University Campus, Brussels, Belgium, 21-22 November 2016 (by Dr Marco Rizzi).


  5. “A socio-legal study of the Court of Justice of COMESA” (by Dr Marco Rizzi in collaboration with the iCourts Center of Excellence for International Courts - Copenhagen).


  6. “Vaccines in the Face of Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases: Towards Defining the Space of EU Public Health between Security Policy and a Transnational Market”, article under review for a special issue of European Journal of Risk Regulation,submitted 1 May 2017 (by Dr Marco Rizzi)