Research Areas

Thanks to the varied backgrounds of its faculty members, the Department of Law engages in a wide range of research areas of national and international relevance.

At the moment, we are focusing on the following macro areas:

  • Transnational law and regulation: We study the interplay between national and transnational regulatory and legal frameworks that impact product safety and, in particular, health products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices or vaccines.
  • Civil law: We engage with critical and contentious issues in private law in  today’s Seychelles, with a particular focus on civil liability and property law.
  • Criminal law: We examine the most innovative aspects of criminal law in Seychelles currently, with a specific focus on drugs law and law enforcement.
  • Public law: We will produce scholarly analyses of any decisions by the Seychelles Constitutional Court on crucial aspects of the democratic life of the country (election petitions and public order in particular).
  • Public international law: We examine current issues and debates in public international law, including international criminal law and international humanitarian law.