The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles is personally responsible for the development of the Centre, assisted by a Project Manager who is researching the field and preparing the ground for its formation.


Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees will comprise members from around the world, each of whom has a specialist interest in Peace Studies and who can bring valued experience that will help to shape the Centre.  Together, members of the Board will form an international network of like-minded individuals, who will share the ideals of the late Sir James Mancham in his long-standing quest for peace and reconciliation.  There will be common agreement that Seychelles, is an appropriate venue for this enterprise.


Members will be invited to join the Board on an honorary basis.  There will be no formal meetings, as such, but from time to time reports and notices of events will be circulated, and views sought on particular issues.  Details of Board members will be included on the Centre’s website and in all official communications.


The Centre has also established a local Steering Committee to provide regular guidance and support on progress.  Proceedings of this advisory body will be communicated to the Board for information on a regular basis. 


There is no doubt that the membership and support of the Board will add credibility to the work of the Centre, and this will be warmly acknowledged.


Steering Committee


The role of the Steering Committee will be to provide guidance and support for the Centre.  It will take the form of an advisory rather than a management body.


Membership will comprise representatives of the University of Seychelles and other organisations in Seychelles.  The tenure of appointments will be for three years, renewable by mutual agreement for a further three years.  Pending the receipt of appropriate funding, membership will be on an honorary basis.


The Steering Committee will normally meet four times a year.  At each of these meetings, the Project Manager of the Centre will report on progress, answer questions and record discussions and any decisions made.


In addition to the Steering Committee, there will be an International Board of Trustees, which will not meet as a group but which will be invited from time to time to offer views.