Marguerite Belle

Marguerite Belle

Lecturer in Study Skills

Marguerite Belle has been a Lecturer at UniSey since 2010, bringing with her extensive experience in education.  Prior to joining UniSey, she was employed by the Ministry of Education, teaching at different times in primary and secondary schools.  She was also for five years a Primary Studies Coordinator and then a Primary Head Teacher.  She later became a Lecturer at the National Institute of Education before assuming her present role at the university.

When she worked at the National Institute of Education, Marguerite was team leader for English primary curriculum development.  Subsequently, amongst here various responsibilities at UniSey she has designed and implemented a Translation programme.  She is a well-regarded teacher who provides professional support for successive cohorts of students.

Marguerite obtained a Bachelor of Education degree at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, and later a Master of Business Administration in Educational Leadership from the University of Lincoln, UK.  In addition to her formal qualifications, she has attended a number of training programmes and conferences in Seychelles and Tanzania.

Language competence extends across the main three languages of the region – English, French and Creole.