Dr Olga Klymenko

Dr Olga Klymenko

Senior Lecturer in English

Dr Klymenko was appointed to UniSey in September 2014 to teach Language and the Media, Language and Gender and American and Postcolonial Literature.  She is very well experienced, previously holding a senior academic position at Donetsk National University, Ukraine, before making the decision to leave with her family in the wake of the political and military uncertainties affecting that part of her country.

Olga’s academic career in Ukraine was one of constant progress.  Starting as an Assistant Lecturer at the Lugansk Teacher Training Institute, she took up a post as lecturer at Donetsk National University in 1994, rising progressively to the position of Associate Professor in 2008 (the position she held at the time of her departure).

Her PhD (2003) is in Linguistics and she has authored 35 scientific publications in different aspects of that subject.  These include a monograth on the types of indefinite doer in English.  Recent research is also in the field of semantics, focusing on a contrastive study of implicit components of English and Spanish constructions.

Of particular value to UniSey is Olga’s extensive teaching experience and her obvious dedication to helping students to learn.  Her teaching has included courses in English Stylistics, Literature, English Studies and the supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate papers.  She has produced a set of teaching aids, published as a course of lectures in English Stylistics for EFL students.

Related to her teaching experience is her close understanding of university systems and student needs.  Olga has undertaken work as Faculty Conference Coordinator, Senior Teacher of 70-80 third-year students, and as a member of the Qualifying Scientific Board for PhD conferring.