Dr Indra Persaud


Indra Persaud

Lecturer in Geography/Environment and Education


Indra earned a degree in geography from the University of Sussex and a PGCE in Secondary Geography at the same university. She also gained a degree in Education Management, with distinction, from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  In 2009 she read for a Master’s degree in Geography Education at UCL Institute of Education, passing with a distinction, and in 2017 she submitted her PhD thesis to that same university.

Prior to joining UniSey, Indra taught at a range of secondary schools in the UK, Tunisia and Seychelles.  She held the post of Head of the Social Studies Department in the American Cooperative School of Tunis and was Head of the School of Foundation Studies at Seychelles Polytechnic.

When Indra first joined UniSey she taught on the University of London BSc Geography and Environment degree programme.  She subsequently contributed to the development of UniSey’s own BSc Environmental Science and Bachelor of Education degree programmes. In 2017 Indra became the Head of Department for Education.

As well as her teaching, Indra has also written articles on geography education and has published articles and presented papers at several conferences.


1. ‘Teaching Geography, the journal: A (critical) discourse analysis’, IGU Research Forum: Celebrating work at Master’s level, Institute of Education, London, October 2010.

2. ‘Educated Young People: the KEY to Sustainable Development in Seychelles’, UNESCO Experts Meeting on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development and Adaptation in Small Island Developing States, September 21-23, 2011, Nassau, Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

3. ‘Unpacking Paradise; Geography Education Narratives from the Seychelles’, Geographical Association Annual Conference, Derby University, UK, April 2013.

4. ‘Unpacking Paradise; Geography Education Narratives from the Seychelles’, UniSey research seminar, June 2014.

5. Research poster at International Education Conference, UniSey (June 2015) 3 January 2017.

6. ‘Unpacking Paradise; Geography Education Narratives from the Seychelles’, University of Cambridge, (June 2015).

7. ‘Island Créolité: the making and re-making of island identities’ article at Kreol Festival Forum (October 2015).

8. ‘A million cans of tuna a day: Where next for Seychelles’ ‘Blue Economy’?’ The Blue Growth Narrative and the Global South Session at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London (August 2016).


Published writing:

1. ‘The Daring Discourses of Teaching Geography,’ in Geography, 2011, 93(3) (peer-reviewed journal).

2. ‘Making and Remaking Kreol Identities’ in Island Studies (2014).

3. ‘The Daring Discourses of Teaching Geography’ in Teaching Geography, 2015 (GA journal).

4. ‘My Place: Seychelles’ in Teaching Geography, 2015 (GA journal).

5. ‘Teacher Education in Seychelles’, chapter in the International Handbook for Teacher Education, Editor Prof Wolhuter, Studies and Publishing, Nicosia, Cyprus (2017) forthcoming.