Bernard Monnaie

Bernard Monnaie

Head of Programme, Business Administration

Bernard Monnaie is one of the first faculty appointments to UniSey, joining the new university from the date of its inception in 2009.  He qualified originally as an engineer, obtaining a Master of Science from Odessa Polytechnic Institute (then within the Ukraine).  When he returned to Seychelles he took on a post of instructor in engineering at the former Polytechnic.  Anticipating that his future career would be in lecturing, he  successfully completed a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Further Education at the University of Huddersfield, UK.

Bernard subsequently worked in a variety of commercial and academic positions.  The former included managerial appointments in industry and at the Sainte Anne Resort & Spa.  He has also undertaken various consultancy projects for organisations in Seychelles.

His academic pathway took him to the Seychelles Institute of Management, prior to joining UniSey.  Meanwhile, he has continued to recognize the importance of obtaining further academic qualifications, enrolling for a doctorate with the University of Maastricht in 2011; after two years he was awarded a MPhil in part-fulfilment of a DBA.

Research interests focus around the subject of value chains, and his doctoral thesis is entitled ‘Impact of Managed Chains on the Production of their Small Suppliers’.  He is currently working on three journal articles in association with his DBA programme. 

In addition to his research and consultancy, Bernard is Head of Programme for Business Administration, with responsibility for delivering the relevant University of London programme.  Recently, he has joined a small working group to look at teaching, learning and assessment at UniSey.  He is heavily committed on different fronts, and yet he maintains a busy teaching schedule and is popular with his students. 


Journal Publications :

(1) Supplier-buyer collaboration versus productivity

(2) Upgrading and allied impacts on contract seafood producers.