Enterprise Centre




The setting up of the Enterprise Centre is in line with UniSey's Strategic Plan 2014-2016 and with its emergent plan for the next three years. To support the establish­ment of the new Centre, UniSey has partnered with the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship, Development and Business Innovation (MIEDBI).

The main aim of the Centre is to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship in the country, and to create a new generation of entrepreneurs with the capability to really make things happen.


The Vision

To be the National Leader in Entrepreneurship Develop­ment.



The Centre will reflect the essential values of Seychelles and will support the principle of sustainable  development. It will work closely with businesses and Govern­ment departments to achieve across-the-board progress. Strategic  partnerships will  be an important means to create synergies and encourage close cooperation.


About Centre

The Centre will be at the heart of a new generation of creative entrepreneurs who will be equipped to operate in domestic, regional and global markets. It will draw together a multi-disciplinary team to:

 provide education and training opportunities;

 undertake research and consultancy;

 engage in live projects;

 assist start-ups in taking their ideas to market; and to

 raise awareness of entrepreneurship across the nation.


The Centre will be led by Marie-Celine Zialor and will be based at the Ma Joie campus of the University of Seychelles.