Council Members


Mrs Margaret Pillay  (Chair of the Board 2016)

Head of International School, Mahé


Member representing the Government of Seychelles

Mr Rupert Simeon 

CEO of the Seychelles Investment Board

Members representing the economic and social interests of Seychelles

Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah

Chief Executive Officer - Nature Seychelles


Mr Martin Kennedy 


Dr Bernard Valentin

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health


Member of the local community

Mrs Josianne Bristol

Director of School of Business Studies and Accounting (SBSA)


Overseas/International members representing universities and other organizations of international repute

Sir Graeme Davies  

Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, University of London

Professor Romeela Mohee  

Vice-Chancellor, University of Mauritius


Professor Mohamed Rochdi 

Président de l’Université de La Réunion



Professor Dennis Hardy 

Vice-Chancellor, University of Seychelles


Dr Justin Valentin (nominated by Senate)

Dean of Faculty Business and Sustainable Development, University of Seychelles


Mr Georges Nicette (elected by and from the academic staff)

Lecturer, University of Seychelles


Mr Yanick Desaubin (President of the Student Union)

Student, University of Seychelles